The Recipe for Radiance

The Recipe for Radiance
By Alexis Wolfer
Running Press
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Book Description: 

Want to know the secret to growing gorgeous hair or how your favorite celebrities have such flawless skin? Introducing the power of food into your beauty routine in a whole new way, you’ll uncover the recipes that promote beauty from within (with beauty-boosting foods you’ll salivate for!) as well as topical DIY beauty recipes (for facial masks, body scrubs, and more that are, well, good enough to eat—literally!).

Dubbed the “Female Beauty MacGyver” by Access Hollywood, Alexis Wolfer shares with you 131 easy, all-natural, affordable, and effective recipes that feed your beauty. Combining the best recipes from her personal archives with DIY beauty secrets and food recipes shared with her by chefs, beauty editors, and celebrities (including Kristen Chenoweth, Brooklyn Decker, Vanessa Williams, Molly Sims, Byrdie Bell, Donna Karan, and more), The Recipe For Radiance will take you into your kitchen to discover the food-based beauty secrets even the most well-pampered women rely on to look their best.

Each chapter in The Recipe for Radiance addresses a different beauty concern—acne, fine lines and wrinkles, brittle nails, lackluster hair, sun spots, cellulite, chapped lips, under-eye circles, and more—giving you the inside scoop on the causes and symptoms of the most common beauty concerns along with their food-based solutions. Sample recipes include:

Strawberry + champagne serum to fight wrinkles
Avocado + oatmeal revival mask to heal dry skin
Sweet potato chips + cumin dip to even skin tone
Creamy kale and walnut salad to reduce under-eye circles
Sweet watermelon serum to soothe sunburn

Be prepared to cook yourself beautiful, all the while saving money on products and keeping your beauty routine chemical free.


This book gives a bit of a different take on healthy beauty tips.  It isn’t just about creating homemade recipes to put on your body to help you make you look your best, but it contains recipes that you eat that will make you beautiful both inside and out!  I found this book to be thought provoking and interesting.  It was easy to read and the recipes easy to re-create.  I have tried several recipes and they were quite good.  I also tried  a few facial recipes and was pleased as well.  The book is well laid out, and the recipes are detailed and super easy to follow.  If you’re looking for a good book on DIY spa day ideas, this book won’t disappoint.

~Reviewed by Sherrie B.

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