Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain
By Rob Prince
Nazarene Publishing House
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Book Description: 

For anyone dealing with ongoing pain, they know that not all pain relief comes from a bottle of pills. Living with a chronic condition can be relentless and not everyone reaches a point of complete healing. As a sufferer of chronic pain himself, author Rob Prince explores the spiritual aspects of pain, addressing the difficult questions and realities of a chronic condition. The reader will learn about: . What the Scriptures have to say about healing . Handling the disappointment of unanswered prayers . Fighting your pain with proper diet, exercise, and stress management In the pages of Chronic Pain, discover how to see God at work along the journey and learn ways to live fully in spite of pain.


Living with chronic pain is difficult for both those who live with the pain and their families that live with them.  I have lived in constant pain for the past 20 years after an industrial accident.  I have not always dealt with my pain well.  I became addicted to pain meds and lived in a state of haze for almost 7 years.  After I came to my senses, I started to search for other ways to deal with my pain.  I found this book to be very helpful.  Since the author deals with chronic pain himself, I felt I could trust his advice.  He wrote from the perspective of one who has “been there”.  The premise of the book is that, while we may pray for God to remove our pain, He may not see fit to do so.  And instead of wallowing, we need to realize that God is allowing this pain for a reason and we need to accept it and manage it as well as possible, and see where God is working through our situation.  It isn’t always about us.  The spiritual applications and Biblical illustrations of the struggle with chronic pain are explored and well presented.  This is fantastic read for those in chronic pain.

~Reviewed by John C.

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