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The Consummate Leader

The Consummate Leader
by Patricia Thompson
Silver Lining Psychology
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Book Description: 

Exceptional leaders inspire others to dream, fill them with a sense of passion, and expertly guide the way to achieving outstanding results; in short, great leaders can change the world. Yet, as we strive to move and motivate people in our given fields, many of us are unsure of how to best develop the untapped potential in others … as well as in ourselves. In The Consummate Leader, award-winning corporate psychologist and management consultant Dr. Patricia Thompson transforms uncertainty into confidence, drawing on both scientific research and her decade-long experience advising senior leaders. In this holistic and interactive guide to professional development, she illustrates the seven keys to becoming an impeccable leader, including how to:

* Achieve heightened self-awareness to affect the way you influence
* Build a happiness toolbox to bring joy to yourself and those around you
* Care for your whole self first as a hallmark of effecting positive change
* Embrace your own authenticity to allow others to embrace their own
* Foster positive relationships in the workplace that promote greater productivity – and job satisfaction
With her accessible and often humorous style – utilizing notable lessons from Nelson Mandela to SpongeBob SquarePants – Thompson reveals why truly outstanding leaders not only focus on strategy, metrics, and execution, they also tend to their bodies, minds, and spirits. Chock-full of real-life examples, thought-provoking exercises, and personal stories, The Consummate Leader is an indispensable book that will reshape the way you approach leadership – and life.


If you are grooming for leadership, or aspire to lead on either a personal or professional level, this book is for you. It covers every aspect, from leadership to motivating staff or those you have influence over.  Sprinkled with case studies, anecdotes, and gems of wisdom, this is a must read for those who understand leading is not management., but that leadership includes leading by example & inspiring others.

~Reviewed by Dave H.

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    What Motivates Me

    Product DetailsWhat Motivates Me
    By Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton
    The Culture Works
    Retail Price $24.95
    Amazon Price: $18.78

    Book Description: 

    What Motivates Me will help readers align the work they do every day, for the rest of their lives, with what truly motivates them. It also includes a code to the Motivators Assessment. This is not a personality test, but a scientifically valid assessment that digs straight to the core of what motivates you at work. The book also features a set of thought-provoking exercises to help readers sculpt their jobs with 60 powerful strategies.

    After analyzing the results of 850,000 interviews, the authors sought to discover why so many people are not as engaged and energized as they could be at work. They found those who are happiest and most successful are engaged in work that aligns with what motivates them. What Motivates Me offers an extensively tested method to help readers identify their core motivators and figure out the disconnects between their passions and their current work, and guides all those searching for joy and engagement by asking the important questions – “What motivates me?” and “What can I do about it?”


    I have read a number of books about life and career and this has sparked me like none of the others. I found the  writing style to be easy to read and the suggestions offered to be very helpful. The narrative was peppered with great advice that I could apply to my life and the motivation assessment really helped me to pinpoint what my motivations are.   I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with any life issues, whether career  or otherwise.
    ~Reviewed by David H.


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